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Zales Credit Card Login | Bill Payment Online


Zales Credit Card offers its card holders with online login and bill payment services. The online login services enable to you to operate your credit activities from your comfort zone whether sitting at your home or office or on the go. Zales is a great credit card for jewelry financing, which allows you to pay the balance conveniently and discounts on jewelry repairs.

Managing your credit card online the customer can enjoy the benefits of the enhanced digital portal. Once you are logged into your online account you can pay credit card bills, update your contact information, and much more just a few clicks. So, if you are wishing to operate your credit card account online follow the guidelines mentioned below and have a nice time. We have also provided a detailed illustration through which you can retrieve your username password and activate a newly received credit card.

How to Log in

Step 1– Customers who are wishing to sign into their Zales Credit Card account should visit the homepage (d.comenity.net/zales) of the bank and then look for the “Sign In” section towards the top left of the web page that opens.


Step 2– Once you find the login widget provide your username and password in the blank spaces below and then press “Sign In” to gain access to your account online.


Forgot Password

Sometimes the card holders are unable to recall their account login password and so are denied the approach to their credit card online. If such mishap happens no need to worry as you can set a new password just by following an easy procedure.

Step 1– Visit the login homepage of the bank. Once you reach the web page look for the “Forgot your username or password” link towards the bottom of the login widget. (For direct access to the password reset page click here Link.)


Step 2– Here the user is required to enter their credit account number or username, zip code/postal code, select identification type and last 4 digits of social security number.


Step 3– After you have completed the fields, click on the “Find my Account” button below to receive a new password.

How to Activate Card

First-time users of the Zales Credit Card are required to activate their card for online access and making purchases. Activation just takes a few minutes, just follow the steps mentioned below and manage your credit card online.

Step 1– Proceed to the application page of the Zales by selecting the “Apply” link from the sign-up screen.

zales-credit-card-online bill-payment

Step 2– Next the user will be navigated to the activation page where they are required completing the requested fields below and then press the ‘Continue’ button to go further with the verification. After your account is confirmed your card is ready for making purchases.

Make Payments

Step 1- In order to pay your credit card bills using the online portal the user must open the credit card’s homepage and then sign into their online account following the steps provided above.

Step 2– Once you reach the account dashboard you will find the make payments options there. The customer can also set an auto debit contacting the bank which allows the credit card company to directly collect money from the bank without having to go through too much trouble.

Customer Service

  • Call: 1-844-271-2708
  • Credit Card Company Contact Us page Link