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Westgate Rewards Credit Card Login | Bill Payment Online

Westgate Reward Credit Card Logo

Westgate Rewards Credit Card facilitates its card owners with online login services through which they can pay credit card bills, activate a card and update account information. The card simplifies your travel expenses by providing discounts on resort bookings and making purchases. You can earn 2 reward points on every purchase through the card and 4,000 bonus points when you make $500 in purchases outside Westgate within 60 days of activating the card.

The online portal provided by the bank enables the customers to view their transaction history, pay outstanding bills and much more just by logging in through a smartphone or computer connected to the internet. Westgate Rewards Credit Card online platform is easy to use just follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy operating the credit services from the comfort of your home.

How to Login

Step 1: For accessing your Westgate Rewards Credit Card account, visit its homepage using this link (d.comenity.net).

Westgate Rewards MasterCard homepage

Step 2: Once, directed to the web page look for the “Sign in” widget on the left of the screen. Enter account Username and password on the respective bars and press “Login” below. If the particulars provided are correct you will be navigated to your online account.

Forgot Username and Password

Step 1: If the user has forgotten their login particulars then they should click the link that reads as “forgot username and password”, below the “Sign in” button.

Westgate Rewards MasterCard login

Step 2: The above link will open an account verification screen where you need to provide with the requested details:

  • Credit card Account Number
  • Zip Code/Postal code
  • Identification type
  • Last 4-digits of Social Security Number

Westgate Rewards MasterCard Billing

Step 3: Once you finish, click “Find My Account” at the end of the form to retrieve the username and reset the password.

Activate card

Step 1: Customers who have already enrolled for their cards can get it re-activated by contacting the Customer Service at 1-866-886-1013. If the card is new, then activate it by approaching the sign in page and click “Register for Online Access” link located in the login section.

Step 2: On the next page enter the following details and hit “Find My Account” for online activation.

  • Credit card Account Number
  • Zip Code/Postal code
  • Identification type
  • Last 4-digits of Social Security NumberWestgate Rewards Card Bill Payment

Bill Payment

Step 1: To pay the credit card bill the user will have to log in to his credit card online account following the steps described above. After logging to the online account the user will find the “Make Payment” button.

Step 2: User can make the payment directly or the user can authorize an auto debit from their bank and the credit card company will collect the monthly bill from your bank account without having to go to much trouble.

Customer Service

  1. Call 1-866-886-1013
  2. Contact Link

Comenity Bank, PO Box 182273, Columbus, OH 43218-2273