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Tires Plus Credit Card Login | Bill Payment Online

Tires Plus Credit Card Logo

Tires Plus facilitates their customers with a secure online portal for accessing and managing their account. Users can activate their newly received credit card and pay their credit card bill through their online account. Tires Plus provides an easy application process and generous credit limits.

Apart from paying bills users can checkpoints, book tickets, check their account statements, view transaction history and much more. If any customer has forgotten their username or password, they can recover it through the online portal. The customers can check their Bonus points and claim gifts and points online. They can also set up auto debit from their Bank account. If you’re having any trouble logging into your account then follow the steps for login that we’ve described below along with the payment process.

How to Login:

Step 1- To login to Tires Plus credit card online account, the user will have to first visit Tires Plus Homepage [cfna.com] and enter their ‘Username’ in the middle of the page and click ‘Sign in’. After entering and submitting your username, you’ll be asked to enter your password.

Tires Plus Credit Card Homepage

Forgotten Username/Password:

Steps 1- If any user has forgotten their ‘Username or Password’, then they’ve to click on ‘Forgot my Username’ next to the ‘Sign in’ button.

Tires Plus Credit Card Login

Step 2- The user will be taken to a new page where they’ve to enter their ‘Credit account number’, ‘Zip/Postal Code’, and last 4 digits of Social Security Number. Click ‘Continue to Step 2′.

Tires Plus Credit Card Billing

To Make a Payment:

Step 1- To pay the credit card bill the user will have to log in to his credit card online account following the steps described above. After logging to the online account the user will find options on how to make the payment.

Step 2- Or the user can authorize an auto debit from their bank and the credit card company will collect the monthly bill from your bank account without having to go to much trouble.

Step 3- The users can also pay by calling the customer service or by visiting the nearest Tires Plus Shop.


Step 1- After receiving the credit card through the mail, the users will have to first activate the card before using it. To do so, the users will have to register their card and for that click this link.

Step 2- The user will be taken the registration page where they’ve to fill in the required information and proceed with the process to get registered. Click ‘Continue to Step 2’.


  • Credit card number
  • Social security number
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address

Tires Plus Credit Card Bill Payment

Step 3- After filling out all these information the user will be taken to the next step where they’ve to provide security settings and finally, consent to the Terms and Conditions. After doing all this the user will be registered to Tires Plus online account.

Customer Service:

  • Phone Number: 1-800-321-3950
  • Contact Link