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Net Spend Prepaid MasterCard Login | Bill Payment Option


Net Spend Prepaid MasterCard has created a secured web login portal using which its card owners can pay bills, activate a card, update account details and reset username or password. It is a beneficial credit card with high savings rate and no extra charges. The NetSpend credit card grants its holders with a cash back on debit transactions and also facilitates direct deposits via any smartphone or tablet with an active internet connection.

Logging into your online account you can check your prepaid card balance, make payments and view transaction history. NetSpend has eased its prepaid master card usage by the introduction of the mobile apps for iPhone and Android. So, if you are looking for help to operate your credit card online we are here to assist you with the below-mentioned guidelines.

How to Login

Step 1: In order to access your online account you should go to the homepage (netspend.com) of the NetSpend. Once the web page opens you must look for the “Log In” button towards the top right of the screen. (For direct access to the login page, click here Link.)


Step 2– As you click on the link above you will be navigated to a new web page with the login widget on the left of the screen.


Step 3– Enter your username and password in the blank spaces and then click the “Log In” button below. If the particulars entered are correct you will be directed to your credit card account dashboard.

Forgot Password

Step 1– If the user is unable to recall his / her account login password then they should proceed to the login screen of the NetSpend and then search for the “Forgot Password” link towards the bottom of the Login section. (For directly approaching the password reset page, click here Link.)


Step 2– Next enter your username below and then select “Continue”.


Forgot Username

 Step 1–  To recover your username open the login homepage of the NetSpend Corporation and then select the Forgot Username link. (For direct access to the username reset page, click here Link.)


Step 2– Enter your 16 digit card number and CVC code below and press “Continue”. and you will receive the username via e-mail.


Activate Card

Step 1: To activate the new credit card the user must visit the activation page and enter Card Information in the given fields and press ‘Continue’.

  • Card Number
  • Security Code

NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard Customer Service

Step 2: Cardholders who have already registered their account and want to re-activate their credit card can contact the customer service at the number provided below.

Bill Payment

Step 1: To pay the credit card bill the user will have to log in to his credit card online account following the steps described above. After logging into the online account, the user will find options on how to make the payment.

Step 2: User can make the payment directly or the user can authorize an auto debit from their bank and the credit card company will collect the monthly bill from your bank account without having to go to much trouble.

Call- 1-86-NETSPEND or (1-866-387-7363)

Credit Card Company, Contact us page Link

Mailing Address

Net Spend Corporation
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Austin, TX 78768-2136