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Apply for Westgate Reward Credit Card | Check Application Status

Westgate Reward Credit Card Logo

Westgate Reward Credit Card offers a convenient online portal through with customers can apply for a new credit card, check application status and close credit card account. The credit card is issued by the  Comenity Bank for the users of the Westgate Reward Credit Card. With the approach to the card, you can Westgate Rewards Points which can be easily redeemed.

Benefits of the Westgate Reward Credit Card

  • 2 points/$1 on Westgate Purchases*
  • 2 points/$1 on grocery and gas purchases
  • 1 point/$1 anywhere else MasterCard is accepted
  • No annual fee is associated with the card
  • Identity Theft Resolution Services

Applying for the Westgate Reward Credit Card you can earn sign up bonus points and get notified about exclusive discount offers. In order to enroll for the credit card, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age, be a resident of the United States, and should have a clear credit record Follow the guidelines mentioned below and have a nice time enrolling for the card.

How to Enroll for Westgate Reward Credit Card

Step 1: To apply for the Westgate Reward Card visit the credit card homepage (d.comenity.net) and hit the “Apply” button located below the credit card image on the right side of the screen.

Westgate Rewards MasterCard Application

Step 2: You will then reach the next page that displays an application form. Read the terms and condition backed by the card at the beginning of the page.

Apply for Westgate Rewards MasterCard

Step 3: Scroll down and provide with your personal information on the respective blank spaces.

  • Name of the applicant
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Annual Income

Westgate Rewards MasterCard Enroll

Step 4: Next, provide with your contact information.

Required fields:

  • APO/FPO mailing address or Rural route address
  • Street address
  • Suite or apartment
  • City and State of the applicant
  • Zip Code
  • Email address and phone number

Westgate Rewards MasterCard Signup

Step 5: Now, proceed further on the same page to the last part of the form. Select the authorized buyer if any, and hit “continue” to reach the next screen. Provide with all other necessary details there, select the card design and finally submit your card for approval.

Westgate Rewards MasterCard check application status

Check Application Status

Customers who desire to check application status should contact the customer service at 1-866-886-1013 and give to the application reference number to receive the status report.

Cancel Credit Card

To cancel or close the credit card account, the user will have to call at 1-866-886-1013 and ask them to cancel the card.

Customer Service

  1. Call- 1-866-886-1013
  2. Contact Link

Comenity Bank, PO Box 182273,Columbus, OH 43218-2273