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Apply for the Milestone Gold MasterCard Credit Card | Check Application Status


Milestone Gold MasterCard can be easily applied through the enroll portal provided at Milestone Card web page. The Milestone Gold MasterCard is issued by Mid America Bank & Trust Company in partnership with Genesis Bankcard Services, Inc. Mid America Bank & Trust Company founded in 1920 in Dixon, Missouri. Genesis Bankcard Services, Inc. services MasterCard accounts throughout North America. It is well known for its unique card products and service quality. It has Genesis Financial Solutions as its parent company. Both specializes in helping consumers with limited or damaged credit make a fresh start for over 12 years.

To apply for Milestone Gold MasterCard the users will have to first pre-qualify for the card. The users will have to be at least 18 years of age and should be a United States resident. They’ll also require a valid Social Security Number for the application.  After completing the application process, the users will have a 24/7 access to their account and will receive all of the MasterCard Gold benefits. Users will also have the luxury to choose their own card design for free. Applying for Gold MasterCard is a quick and simple process. Customers will only need to provide their personal information to apply for the card.

How to Apply:

Step 1- Visit the application homepage (milestonegoldcard.com) of the Milestone Credit Card.


Step 2- Fill in the blank spaces with your personal information to qualify for this MasterCard.


  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Primary and secondary phone numbers

Step 3-  Make sure that your computer fulfills the technical requirements listed by ticking the box under “Consent to Electronic Disclosures”. After which click the green “Pre-qualify now” button to submit the application form.


Step 4- On the next page, you’ll be informed if you qualify.

Check Applicaton Status

Step 1– To check the status of your application call at 866-502-6439 and then provide your application refrence number.

Cancel Credit Card

Step 1– If the customer wishes to close their credit card account then they should contact the customer service using the information mentioned below.

Customer Service:

Phone Number: 866-502-6439

Contact Link