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Apply for AgFed Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card | Check Application Status


AgFed Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card has created an easy to use web platform using which one can apply for a new credit card. The credit card was founded in 1934 with the main motive of serving the Washington DC. Until this date, the Agriculture Federal Credit Union has expanded its branches throughout the nation holding over $240 million in assets and serving 22,000 customers with a credit card, mortgage and auto loans facilities. AgFed is an beneficial credit card with plenty of agricultural benefits.

Benefits of the AgFed Credit Union Classic Visa Credit Card

  • There is no annual fees associated with the card
  • $0 overseas transaction fees
  • 24/7 online account access
  • 14.90% APR
  • No Balance Transfer Fee

In order to apply for the AGFed Credit Card the applicant must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid social security number, be a resident of the United States and should have a clear credit line. Online managment of the credit card is easy, the application process is smooth and lets you receive the credit card from the comfort your home or office. The guidelines mentioned below will help you apply for the credit card at your convinence.


How to Enroll

Step 1– To start with the enrollment the user must select the “First Time User” link which is located at the bottom left of the account login section on bank’s homepage (agfed.org). (For direct access to the activation page, click here Link.)


Step 2– As you click on the link above the user will be taken ahead to a new web page where they are required entering the applicant information form.

apply for agfed-credit-union-classic-visa-credit-card

Step 3– After completing the form press ‘Next’ to go further with the verification. Once your account is confirmed your credit card will be activated for online access.

Check Application Status

Step 1- Applicants who wish to check their application status should call the bank (202) 479-2270/(800) 368-3552.

Cancel Credit Card

Step 1– If you are wishing to cancel your application for the credit card or close your credit card account then you must call the bank at the above given number and then respond to the IVR.

Customer Service

Call:  (202) 479-2270/ (800) 368-3552

Credit Card Company Contact us page Link.