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AOPA Cash Rewards Credit Card Login | Bill Payment Online


Job Number: CC-12-15-0485 Group Name: AIRCRAFT OWNERS PILOTS ASSOCIATION, aopa Sector: Large Commercial VHD ID: 0036454 Plastic Number: 904149AVB BK Number: BK40097 Version: Cash Rewards Card Type: Visa Signature

AOPA Cash Rewards Credit Card facilitates its existing customers with a secure online platform through which they can log in, pay credit card bills and activate a card. The credit card is serviced by the Bank of America. It is a cash back credit card that incentives you with cash backs on every purchase without charging any annual fee for usage.

You can enjoy managing your credit card operations online from the comfort of your home. Once logged in you can set account alerts, sign up for paperless statements, update account information, view account transaction history and much more. Read on to find a complete guide to the login and bill payment process.

How to Login

Step 1– In order to access your credit card account online, you must open the login homepage (bankofamerica.com) of the AOPA.

Step 2– On the top left of the webpage, you will find the Sign in button. Click on it to proceed with the login process.


Step 3– Next you will be directed to a new webpage where you are required to enter your Online ID and Passcode.


Forgot Password

Step 1– Cardholders who are unable to recall their login password must select the “Forgot your Passcode?” link located under the “Sign in help options” tab, as pictured below.


Step 2– To create a new password enter the following details:

  • Card Number or Account Number
  • Social Security number (SSN) or Tax Identification number (TIN)
  • Online ID


Forgot ID

Step 1– To reset your online ID click on the login help tab and then select the “Forgot your Online ID?” link.


Step 2– Next, the user will be directed to a new webpage where they are required to enter the following information:

  • Card Number or Account Number
  • Social Security number (SSN) or Tax Identification number (TIN)
  • Passcode


Make Payment

Step 1– To pay off your AOPA Cash Rewards Credit Card bills you must login into credit card account following the guidelines mentioned above. Once logged in you will find the “Make Payment” button on the account dashboard.

Step 2– The customer can authorize an auto debit that allows the credit card company to automatically collect the bills from your savings or checking account.

Activate Card

Step 1– If you have just received your credit card and wish to activate it, then you should contact the credit card company by calling at (800) 872-2672.

Customer Service

Call: (800) 872-2672