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Abercrombie and Fitch Credit Card Login | Bill Payment Online


Abercrombie and Fitch Credit Card provides its users with online login and bill pay services. The credit card is backed by World Financial Network National Bank which offers the holders to access their credit card over the internet. Formerly known as the David T. Abercrombie Co the bank was founded in 1892 located in the New York City. The card charges no annual fee, provides a convenient monthly payment system and APR rate of 24.99%. Abercrombie offers no rewards and can be used only for purchases through A&F online stores which is something annoying for the cardholders.

Signing into your online accounts holders can get the complete control over the credit activities just by signing in through a mobile phone, tablet or computer connected to the internet. So, if you are seeking guidance to sign into your account follow the guidelines below and enjoy the advantages of managing your credit card online.

How to Log in

Step 1– To start with the sign in visit the homepage [https://c.comenity.net/abercrombie/]  of the Abercrombie Credit Card and then look for the sign in section towards the top left of the screen.


Step 2– Once you find the login center provide you username and password in the white boxes below and then hit “Sign in”. If the particulars provided are correct you will be navigated to your account dashboard from where you can access the desired credit activities.


Forgot Password

Step 1– If a user forgets his/her account login password then they must select the “Forgot your username or password?” link which is situated in the basement of the account login section on the credit card’s homepage. (For direct access to the username or password reset screen, click here Link.)


Step 2– Next you will be directed to a new webpage where you are required completing the fields below and then click on the “Find my Account” button to proceed with the account verification.

abercrombie-and-fitch-credit-card-bill payment

Step 3– After your identity is confirmed the bank will send you a new password.

Activate Card

Customers who have just received their Abercrombie Credit Card in the mail must activate their card for online access. Just follow the guidelines mentioned below for card activation. (You can also complete the activation by calling at 1-800-695-9583.)

Step 1– To activate your card for online access click on the “Register for Access” link which is located towards the center of the credit card’s home screen. (For direct access to the activation screen click here Link.)

abercrombie-and-fitch-credit-online bill payment

Step 2– Complete the fields below and your card will be activated soon.

Make Payments

Step 1- To pay your credit card bills through your online account login following the steps mentioned above.

Step 2- On the account dashboard, you will find the payments options. If you wish to pay the bills without going through too much trouble then you can authorize auto debit contacting the bank.

Customer Service

  • Call: 1-800-695-9583
  • Credit card company contact us page Link.